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Serious Shit Archive

Serious Shit – How to Solve Problems copying in examinations in China

Various tricks are used. book in  the tank at toilet, paper cut in pen and lot trick to cheating  school in Wuhan, Hubei Provinceat the school teacher can not stand the behavior of students who keep copying to dosomething drastic. Exam done at the school playground because it mmebenarkanmaximum distance between the students. The teachers hope
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Serious Shit – Russia tomb raider Stay With 29 body

Anatoly Moskvin (45) is a journalist and historian of the police today arrested for the offense and insult the corpsesplundered graves (desecration of body) in Russia. Anatoly was arrested after his parentsfind a collection of 29 bodies placed in his own apartment. All 29 bodies were stolen byAnatoly from graves around Nizhny Novgorod, 250 miles from Moscow. Most of this shit all the bodies dimumiakan by Anatoly and then applied to various kinds ofdoll clothes toys. Some are dressed in clothes that look like teddy
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